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Frequently Asked

Developers are curious about

  • What is the benefit of using the bot?If you're reviewing a lot of code, the bot can be a lot of help. It writes helpful descriptions so you can get a better idea what the code does.
  • Does it spot bugs or problems?From time to time, the bot makes suggestions to improve the code, but it's not its main goal. This feature is definitely on our roadmap though.
  • What about the privacy of my code?We use secure GitHub API to read the contents of your files. We don't store anything on our system, making the whole process as secure as possible.
  • Do I need to pay to try it?No. We offer free trial to test the bot out and see it in action. With free trial, you can setup 1 repository listener. You also get 30 free API credits which translates to 30 comments.